Is a software entrepreneur, engineer, artist and father. Gideon has worked with Fortune 100 companies at a high level, engineering systems that are used by millions of people internationally.

GIDEON is a self-driven artist, entrepreneur, software engineer and a father. Gideon has a passion for pushing limits, exploring new techniques and methodologies and creating quality products or pieces that leave a legacy. He hopes to leave the world a better place, for his friends, family and colleagues.

He was born in Montana, and helped his family build their log cabin. He lived without electricity until he was 12. He completed high-school in 2 years and was accepted into college by the age of 15. By 16, he had programmed his first PHP-driven website that rated photos of students, at Southern Adventist University.

He is spiritual, but believes in a God that is universal and beyond human definitions.

Gideon has worked with Fortune 100 companies at a high level, engineering systems that are used by millions of people internationally and simplifying large corporations' Information Technology processes.

His work has been praised by some of the largest, most well-respected companies in operation, such as Johnson & Johnson, St. Jude Children's Hospital, Barnes & Noble and more.

"Entrepreneurs often believe that if they tell people their dreams, they will steal their idea.

This is impossible. Nobody has your vision. Nobody will have the passion for the project that you will. Proper execution of the idea is what makes it successful."


GIDEON KIMBRELL is a member of several exclusive organizations, which include:

YEC Young Entrepreneur Council
Psychology Today
AMEX Open Forum
"Gideon is a very rare talent for which I have had the great fortune to work with. Throughout the time at Barnes & Noble, Gideon was instrumental in enabling key features, services and functions for the NOOKApp Storefront business. I truly do not know how we would have accomplished what we have without him. I very much hope that I will have the opportunity to work with Gideon in the future. He is a true asset to any client or company that he is working with. Therefore I have no hesitation to recommend him"
Global Head of Developer Support - FACEBOOK
"Gideon is a software developer, architect, and technology expert who delivers with passion, imagination, and a high degree of integrity. In a team setting Gideon displays strong leadership as well as the ability to debate and resolve highly complex technical problems. Gideon served as a lead architect on a complex multi-tier software system with a distributed database architecture. I would definitely look to retain Gideon on future projects"
Director of Mobility, JOHNSON & JOHNSON
"Gideon has been an outstanding contributor to global e-health projects developed by my group. He has provided very high level architectural designs and implemented complex medical web-based applications. His work has been of the highest quality and he has delivered results on-time and exceeding our expectations. I highly value his work and dedication."
Director, Education and Informatics, International Outreach at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
"Gideon is the consummate professional. I had the pleasure of working with him on a few occasions and he never disappoints. He is truly a subject matter expert in the IT community. I would highly recommend Gideon for anyone who is looking for the best of the best."
Division Director at Robert Half Technology
"I've worked with Gideon on multiple projects over the last decade or so and found him to be an awesome, self-motivated and simply great person. If you get the chance to work with him - take it. I warned you!"
Owner of Link Research Tools & CEMPER.COM
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Syragon is a software development and Internet marketing company with a long track record of success, and a portfolio comprised of several notable companies. Syragon also operates, a website providing online therapy and free forums.
Gideon Kimbrell